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Jennifer uses for the reproductions you see here, utilizes the finest archival quality Artist Canvas and Pigments, and offers longevity exceeding 150 years.

In the art world it is generally regarded as the highest quality fine art reproduction available.


The term Giclee’, (pronounced zhee-clay), refers to fine art prints created with digital output.  Giclee is the French verb “to spray” (as from a nozzle), and since most digital printers use nozzles to direct ink onto a substrate, the work Giclee is used to distinguish “fine art prints” from those created for non-art or commercial purposes. The Giclee process

Star Catcher
Traveling the Milky Way
Northern Dreaming
Good Medicine
Gifts of Summer
Ambush III 40”x50” $950  Limited Edition of 150
Enchanted III
Knee High 72"x24" $795  Limited Edition of 350
Ancient Incarnation
Ravens Ride
Lit Silk
Warm Velvet
Shimmering Morning
Misty  72"x24" $795  Limited Edition of 150
Chrisp Moon
Carrots VII 72x24 $795  Limited Edition of 150
Caramel Dream ”   ~50”x30”   $840  Limited Edition of 350
Alight!” 60”x40” $995  Limited Edition of 150
Baby  30”x30”    $525 Limited Edition of 350
Giggles   30”x30”    $525 Limited Edition of 350
Chocolate Rush”   30”x60”   $995  Limited Edition of 350
Cahoots”  ~36”x54”    $950 Limited Edition of 350
Desert Fire I ~30”x20”    $525 Limited Edition of 350
Mustangs II
“Ancient I”  ~30”x50”   $840 Limited Edition of 350
Silver -diptych  72"x24" (x2) $1300 Limited Edition of 350

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    36x36 inches Ltd Ed. Giclee' on Stretched Canvas $795